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Logic News


The new Cd has finally been released. The 4 song ep titled "The Pain of Modern Existence" is available from this site
directly. You can also find the cd at local NRM's and at The Edge in Century 3 mall. Im sure they will be distributed at
other various local record stores in the near future, but for now just pick it up at these places. This is a limited pressing, so make sure to pick up a copy asap b/c they will sell out within the next few months.



Well we finally got the CD recorded. Its been about three months since we went into Soundscape Studios in McKeesport Pa to start the project and we're really glad to have that out of the way. The CD sounds better than we could have ever hoped for. We are sending them out for pressing as soon as we get a little more money in our pockets and hopefully the cd will be out in January/Febuary. Stay tuned for release party info.


Well Ive been really lazy with this page as of late so this section hasn't been updated for a long time. We are going into the studio on Sept 25 to start recording our new album. It will be a four song CD and should be out around Thanksgiving or so. We are recording it at Soundscape studios in McKeesport where a lot of really great Pittsburgh bands have done stuff in the past. Eric Corbin from Endless is doing the layout so it should look great as usual. Since we are doing the Cd, we are going to take a break from doing local shows until around the end of October so that we can concentrate on the album.



The Biohazard show went really great this past week. There was a good crowd and the guys from Biohazard were cool as hell. We also played a few shows with two bands from Cleveland this past week, NSB and Crypt Kicker. Hopefully we'll make it out to Cleveland this summer for a show or two. Make sure that you dont forget about the Face to Face show on July 3rd, it should be one the best shows of the year. Get in touch with us if you need tickets.


Well, Logic will be playing in Surge Fest III at Starlake Ampitheatre on June 5th. We want to thank all the bands that we played with in the Quick Rock battle of the bands. They were all really talented and we wish them all the luck in the world. We would also really like to thank all the people at Quick Rock especially Jason Scott for giving us the opportunity to play at Starlake. We will also be opening up for Zebrahead at Club Laga on June 1st. This should be a really great show and the tickets are cheap so check it out if you have the time. And one last thing, for all the people who are wondering how I am doing after my accident, I just sprained my hip and I am walking fine now. Thanks for the support. ----- Nick


We had two shows this past weekend. The first was on saturday with Clutch and Drown. It was pretty cool, there was about 400 people there when played so I really couldnt complain. The next night was with the Buzz Poets at CJ's Clubhouse. I thought that this show would be totally queer but it turned out better than expected. The place wasnt a shitty ass bar like I expected, and the kids there liked us for the most part. We got a lot of shows left in April so if you read this you are under contract by law to attend at least one. Also in early May we are playing with Ensign and Kill Your Idols, so all you little hardcore kids can come out to this one and get your floorpunch on.



Well, we finally got done with our recording and we are now in the process of duplicating the new demo CDs. We arent getting them professionally done we are just doing them ourselves.The CD will primarily be used to get some label recognition and for getting some more out of state shows. We will make about 100 or so to sell just to make some of the money back for the materials. The CD will have three songs,will be sold for about $3 and will be available in April. We have a bunch of shows coming up in April so there is no reason that you wont be able to make it to at least one of them. I have also put up some new links on the page and if you have a page you think I should link then just email me and I'll put it on.

















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